It's pretty amazing just to be able to hear music that's made with such respect and knowledge of the craft. I live in a really beautiful area in Australia called the "Blue Mountains" and I was at a real loss to find any music to put on that compliments it's form. Your music suits it so well, hearing your choice of composition and beats and knowing a lot of heart has gone into it makes a massive difference, I always attempt to approach new music as objectively as I can, I just listen to the music and if it holds its own I know I'll be listening to it in 30 years and this is one of those albums, so once again. Thank you.
- John Vance

I listened to all of Dew today while crossing the Mojave desert. Absolutely fantastic!
It will be a regular on my playlist!
- Gabriel Wolf

After several listens to dew, I can say that it gets stronger as it goes along. Lots to get caught on and stay with. Dynamic when you're not expecting it, haunting when you expect something else.My favorite song is "sonnetFalls", but I love the voice on "silent march".Strange that it is only $1, but an easy addition to your collection at a higher price.
- cell-arts

You are flaming with love, perhaps some of my own interpretation, the sound is filled with a sense of fragile beauty. Like a flower you dont want to see fade away or the knowledge of that we cannot touch a butterflies wings. The divine dust is sprinkled over You and I can hear it. I am moved by both.
- Robin Lindström